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School Infrastructure



The School covers almost the total spectrum of pre-primary, primary, Secondary & higher secondary education – education for excellence in academic, sports and fine arts. The quality education is imparted to students through modern means of learning and information. 


The academic programs and the administrative functions of the school are facilitated by the peaceful and serene atmosphere prevailing on the green and bewitching campus of the school.

In short, we manage, operate and deploy the best infrastructural facilities and provide tremendous opportunities for students to excel in academic, literary, social and cultural skills alike.


Smaller Classrooms – So every student gets individual attention. This makes it easier for teachers to spend more time with each student and identify their strengths and weaknesses which eventually help bridge gaps in understanding concepts within the classroom itself.


  • The CCTV Surveillance Center monitors the activities on campus round-the-clock
  • Campus is protected by high walls and watchful security guards
  • Students allowed to leave the campus only with an-authorized person or Out Pass

Extracurricular Activities

 We deliver the highest quality of education, we also encourage our students to nurture their extra-curricular interest.