Know Us Better

School History


Sri Jnanagangotri International School is a co-educational School with CBSE Syllabus that seeks to nurture future-ready global youths who are equipped with self-confidence, leadership qualities and not least academic excellence. Our school provide a high quality environment that innovate, motivate and challenge our students for the future.



To create future-ready global youths who will enhance society through their scholastic

achievements, drive to excel, compassion and understanding of the complex and uncertain

world around them.



To develop students who will.

  • Achieve the highest academic standards
  • Grow into analytical and critical thinkers
  • Become compassionate and sensitive leaders



  • The CCTV Surveillance Center monitors the activities on campus round-the-clock
  • Campus is protected by high walls and watchful security guards
  • Students allowed to leave the campus only with an-authorized person or Out Pass


The Road to achieve operational success starts with ensuring that the school’s every little need is met in the most effective, reliable and timely way. To ensure excellent overall performance takes the sustained effort and commitment of every single member of our staff.

In short, we manage, operate and deploy the best infrastructural facilities and provide tremendous opportunities for students to excel in academic, literary, social and cultural skills alike.

Education is more than what is taught in the classrooms. The world has so much to offer and to limit ourselves to the confines of norms set by the society is but ordinary. We are more than that, welcome to the world of Sri Jnanagangotri International School.

While we deliver the highest quality of education, we also encourage our students to nurture their extra-curricular interest. Because, we believe in a system of education where there is humanity that’s what we do at Sri Jnanagangotri International School.